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“You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky.” – Amelia Earhart



“Probably the best flying experience I ever had!”
-- Jean-Marie Prévost
“I had Andre for my Private and Instrument ratings. I had a few other flight instructors and none of them compared to Andre's unique ability to make flying fun and informative at the same time. He can put you through as fast as you want and he also has the patience to teach at your own pace.”
-- Kevin Bradshaw
“I was in Florida with Hayes Aviation for 1 month. It was really cool. I flew more than 60 hours. Everything was really well organized. It was a nice experience and thanks to this experience, I obtained my professional pilot license.

Super plan pour monter ses heures. En 1 mois j'ai effectué 60 heures de vol. Tout était bien organisé, l'instructeur était toujours a dispo. Ca a été une superbe expérience.”
– Florian Vouette
“It was a really good experience to fly with Andre. I made 40 hours of flight in 3 weeks, from small flights of maneuvers and handling to longer navigations. Moreover the weather was nice and the plane well maintained. I had never flown a Cessna 172 before, but it was quite easy with a very kind and experienced instructor. My training has been very useful and helped me for the CPL as well.”
-- Thierry Bernhard 
“I spent two months flying with Andre in Florida and it was such a great experience. We did have a good time while still learning. As I was there to make my time building we enjoyed flying long leg trip such as South Carolina and the Keys. I'm grateful to him for that! I do recommend you to fly with him.”
-- Mehdi Diouani
"I spent a few weeks building hours with Hayes Aviation in Florida, especially with Andre, who has been a wonderful teaching instructor, and helped me come closer to my dream of becoming an airline pilot.
We had fair weather, some extraordinary destinations across the State (and further), a very well maintained aircraft, and moreover, a professional instructor who knew exactly how to adjust his expectations towards the different students. A great experience I would recommend to all!”
-- Younes Jazouli